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How to measure for a patio umbrella: Our patio umbrella size guide

How to measure for a patio umbrella: Our patio umbrella size guide

Patio umbrella size guide

By: Claire Ruhlin

Adding a high-quality patio umbrella is one of the best ways to elevate an outdoor space. An umbrella can add much-needed shade during warmer months, protecting you from the sun and keeping seating and dining areas cool and comfortable. Whether you’re choosing a center-pole market umbrella or an offset cantilever, you’ll want to make sure that your patio umbrella provides plenty of shade without overwhelming your space. Before browsing, follow these tips for choosing the right size outdoor umbrella.

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How to measure for a patio umbrella

What size patio umbrella do you need? It depends on your space. Make sure to buy a patio umbrella that provides enough shade to protect against sun and moisture without taking over your alfresco escape. A good rule of thumb: your umbrella’s canopy should extend approximately two feet past a table’s edge or past the desired coverage area. If you're looking for an umbrella for a dining area, pull out the dining chairs so you can measure enough shade for when seats are occupied.

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Patio umbrella size guide

The diameter of an umbrella canopy is the measurement from one end of the canopy to the other. Below is a guide to an umbrella’s diameter in relation to the shade diameter and furniture pairing ideas.

7' - 8' canopy diameter:

Shade area diameter: Up to 36 inches

Pairs well with: Bistro set, single chair

8' - 9' canopy diameter

Shade area diameter: Up to 48 inches

Pairs well with: A 4-person patio dining set or single chaise lounge

9-10' canopy diameter

Shade area diameter: 60-72 inches

Pairs well with: 4-6 person patio dining set, small outdoor sectional or loveseat

11-12' canopy diameter

Shade area diameter: Up to 84 inches

Pairs well with: 6-8-person patio dining set or patio conversation set

12-13' canopy diameter

Shade area diameter: Up to 96 inches

Pairs well with: 8-10-person patio dining set, large sectional, or sofas

12-13' canopy diameter

Shade area diameter: Up to 108 inches

Pairs well with: 10+ patio dining set or oversized outdoor sectional

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How to measure for a patio umbrella replacement canopy

AuthenTEAK’s replacement umbrella canopies are sized by their width. Just measure one rib arm from the center of your umbrella down to the outside edge and multiply by two to obtain the size needed for your replacement umbrella canopy.

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Patio umbrella sizes: More to consider

When it comes to spatial planning for a patio umbrella, don’t forget that most outdoor umbrellas require an umbrella base (even table umbrellas). If you’re shopping for a table umbrella, pay attention to the umbrella’s pole diameter. It should be as close as possibly to the tables umbrella hole while still fitting through snugly. A reducer ring can be placed on or in a tabletop’s umbrella hole to create a snug fit for a too-small umbrella pole. For more advice on choosing the perfect patio umbrella, don’t miss AuthenTEAK’s expert-approved Patio Umbrella Buying Guide.

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