Kingsley Bate Mendocino Chaise Replacement Cushion

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Ships within 3 - 8 weeks. Inquire for specifics.

  • Available in durable Sunbrella or Outdura outdoor fabrics
  • Acrylic fabrics are fade, stain, mildew and water resistant
  • Boxed edge cushion, no welt. Non-skid bottom (not reversible)

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Ships within 3 - 8 weeks. Inquire for specifics.


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These replacement cushions are made by Kingsley Bate and are constructed to fit the Kingsley Bate Mendocino Chaise Lounger (Items #MC79). These comfortable all-weather cushions are filled with either urethane foam wrapped with polyester fiber or with blow-filled polyester fiber. All cushions are available with Sunbrella Fabrics. Cushions are sewn with a lock-stitch sewing method for superior seam strength and tear resistance. Color coordinated zippers are standard. Replacement cushions are made-to-order and all sales are final. For assistance determining the correct cushion, please contact our showroom.

These Kingsley Bate outdoor replacement cushions come standard with (1) Box Edge with a non-skid seat measuring 26"W x 73"D x 3.5"H, 26.5"T. All dimensions are close approximates. Please note that fill variation, seam allowances and measurement style may affect the final measurements.

Review the Kingsley Bate Catalog for the complete Kingsley Bate outdoor furnishings and accessories. Questions regarding furniture cleaning and tips can be found in the Kingsley Bate Care and Maintenance Sheet. All questions related to warranty information can be answered by reviewing the Kingsley Bate Warranty.

First Time Cushion Use
Teak has oil that occurs naturally in the wood. Expect some of this oil to bleed out following the first few rainfalls. In order to protect your cushions, bring them inside before the furniture gets wet. Stains from teak oil are not covered under warranty. Once the furniture has begun to form a silver-gray patina, it is no longer necessary to bring the cushions indoors.

Cleaning Cushions
Kingsley Bate cushions are made with either Sunbrella or Outdura fabrics, a 100% solution-dyed acrylic. The fabric should be cleaned regularly before environmental deposits such as dirt, etc., are allowed to accumulate and become embedded.

Kingsley Bate strongly recommends that you do not remove the fill from your cushions when cleaning the cushion fabric. Instead, clean the cushions with the fill in place. Most cushions are 'stuffed' using specialized machinery, and it is not always possible to re-stuff the cushions by hand and achieve a professional, finished appearance.

To clean the fabric, simply brush off any loose dirt, and then clean briskly with a sponge using fresh water and a mild natural soap (Woolite is acceptable). Water temperature should be no more than 100 degree F (37 degree C), as acrylic fiber is heat sensitive at high temperatures. Do not subject the fabric to excessive heat as it will shrink. Do not steam press, iron, or dry in electric or gas dryers.

Sunbrella and Outdura Fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish that acts as a sealant, making it resistant to water and stains. If you use liquid detergent instead of a natural soap to clean your cushions, it may be necessary to reapply the water repellent treatment to the fabric. We recommend using 303 Hi Tech Fabric Guard or a similar product.

If your cushion becomes saturated with water, unzip the cushion and stand it on its edge in a dry, sunny location. The zipper-side should be facing down to allow the water to drain through the opening. Cushions will typically dry in 24-48 hours depending on the level of saturation and the weather conditions during the drying process.

When cushions are not being used, you may also wish to stand them on edge within the furniture frame. Doing so will reduce the surface area exposed to the rain and allow for faster drying.

Avoid putting the fabric in direct contact with oil-based products, which may cause the fabric to age more rapidly. If direct contact with an oil-based product occurs, clean the fabric promptly.
Cushion Dimensions
  • 26"W x 73"D x 3.5"H, 26.5"T
Made specifically tailored to fit this size furniture frame
  • Width: 27"
  • Depth: 79"
  • Height: 12"
  • Weight (lbs.): 72
Shipping Method: Ground (for freight terms and services click Shipping Info)
Additional Info: Orders ship complete unless otherwise requested. Ordering more than one item may affect shipping method.

If you have questions about our Return Policy, require expedited services or are interested in White Glove Delivery, please contact our design experts toll free at 866-350-8325 or via email with our Contact Form.
With proper use and care, we are confident that all Kingsley-Bate products will provide you with years of trouble-free enjoyment. Your furniture comes with a limited warranty against manufacturer's defects. Standard warranty periods for each category of furniture are provided below.

Teak Furniture
- 5 year warranty for residential applications
- 3 year warranty for commercial applications
- 1 year warranty for glass table tops, cushions, slings, and pillows

Stainless Steel Furniture
- 3 year warranty for residential or commercial applications
- 1 year warranty for slings

Woven Furniture
- 3 year warranty for residential or commercial applications
- 1 year warranty for glass table tops, cushions, and pillows

- 1 year umbrella warranty for residential or commercial applications
- 1 year umbrella base warranty for residential or commercial applications (corrosion not covered)

Fabric Swatch Request

Click to select the desired swatches. Once you have made your selection, click the green button below and proceed through check-out. You will not be charged. Five swatches per order. To request more, please call our showroom at 1-866-350-8325.

  • Grade A Outdura Antique Beige
  • Grade A Outdura Black
  • Grade A Outdura Forest Green
  • Grade A Outdura Neptune
  • Grade A Outdura Royal Navy
  • Grade A Outdura Sparkle Birch
  • Grade A Outdura Sparkle Navy
  • Grade A Outdura Sparkle Snow
  • Grade A Outdura Sparkle Taupe
  • Grade A Outdura Sparkle Buttercup--1712
  • Grade A Sunbrella Ash
  • Grade A Sunbrella Canvas
  • Grade A Sunbrella Capri Blue
  • Grade A Sunbrella Cast Ocean--48103
  • Grade A Sunbrella Chamomile--1642
  • Grade A Sunbrella Charcoal
  • Grade A Sunbrella Cloud
  • Grade A Sunbrella Coal
  • Grade A Sunbrella Denim
  • Grade A Sunbrella Fern
  • Grade A Sunbrella Fog
  • Grade A Sunbrella Gavin Mist
  • Grade A Sunbrella Hampton Denim
  • Grade A Sunbrella Heather Beige
  • Grade A Sunbrella Lilac
  • Grade A Sunbrella Meadow
  • Grade A Sunbrella Millstone
  • Grade A Sunbrella Mineral Blue
  • Grade A Sunbrella Montauk Denim
  • Grade A Sunbrella Navy
  • Grade A Sunbrella Oat
  • Grade A Sunbrella Ocean
  • Grade A Sunbrella Sapphire Blue
  • Grade A Sunbrella Sharkskin
  • Grade A Sunbrella Spa
  • Grade A Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro
  • Grade A Sunbrella Spectrum Eggshell
  • Grade A Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite
  • Grade A Sunbrella Spectrum Mushroom
  • Grade A Sunbrella Taupe
  • Grade A Sunbrella Cast Silver
  • Grade A Sunbrella Switch Flax
  • Grade A Sunbrella Switch Silver
  • Grade B Outdura Red (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Adena Graystone (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Airblue (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Coastal (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cue Dune (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Cue Parchment (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Demo Fog (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Demo Lagoon (+$50.00) --4280
  • Grade B Sunbrella Demo Putty (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Demo Stone (+$50.00) --4284
  • Grade B Sunbrella Dolce Sky (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Dupioni Papaya (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Hansen Sky (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Idol Stripe Navy (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Idol Stripe Silver (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Linen Shale (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Linen Snow (+$50.00) --5675
  • Grade B Sunbrella Linen Stone (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Natural Rib (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Pinstripe Denim (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Striato Silver (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Taupe/Beige Rib (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Ticking Ocean (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Topside Indigo (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Topside Nautical (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Twist Opal (+$50.00) --1630
  • Grade B Sunbrella Adena Pebble (+$50.00)
  • Grade B Sunbrella Adena Celeste (+$50.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Agra Indigo (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Aman Dove/White (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Aman White/Dove (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Crosshatch Vapor (+$145.00) --1536
  • Grade C Sunbrella Fretwork Navy (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Fretwork Ocean (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Interlock Indigo (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Kilim Indigo (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Leona Indigo Salt (+$145.00) --1554
  • Grade C Sunbrella Leona Salt Indigo (+$145.00) --1553
  • Grade C Sunbrella Leona Stone Salt (+$145.00) --1551
  • Grade C Sunbrella Leona Salt Stone (+$145.00) --1550
  • Grade C Sunbrella Mudcloth Indigo White (+$145.00) --1430
  • Grade C Sunbrella Mudcloth White Indigo (+$145.00) --1431
  • Grade C Sunbrella Neo Indigo (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Ash Rain (+$145.00) --9910
  • Grade C Sunbrella Charcoal Rain (+$145.00) --9948
  • Grade C Sunbrella Meadow Rain (+$145.00) --9910
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rain Canvas (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rain Fog (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rain Navy (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rain Oat (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rain Ocean (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rain Taupe (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rochelle Bleu (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rochelle Parchment (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rochelle Spice (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rochelle Toffee (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Sailcloth Sand (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Sailcloth Seagull (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Solana Seagull (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Toile Denim White Flowers (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Toile Meadow White Flowers (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Toile White Denim Flowers (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Toile White Meadow Flowers (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Tweede Denim (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Tweede Pebble (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Crosshatch Fog (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Level Pumice (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Metz Dove (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Metz Pebble (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Metz Slate (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rochelle Pebble (+$145.00)
  • Grade C Sunbrella Rochelle Slate (+$145.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Batik Navy (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Fish Bones (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Integrated Mist (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Lattice Indigo (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Lattice Storm (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Lila Surf (+$270.00) --1582
  • Grade D Sunbrella Lila Dove (+$270.00) --1584
  • Grade D Sunbrella Terrazzo Cobalt (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Garza Cloud (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Sabah Indigo (+$270.00)
  • Grade D Sunbrella Sabah Sand (+$270.00)

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