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Meet Our Best Seller: The Tempest Torch

Meet Our Best Seller: The Tempest Torch

Meet the Tempest Torch

By: Claire Ruhlin

About The Tempest Torch

Manufactured by Travis Industries—​​a privately-owned wood, pellet, and gas stove, insert, and fireplace company—the award-winning gas Tempest Torch and Tempest Lantern elevate the standard gas torch experience. Fueled by either natural gas or liquid propane, these beautiful light fixtures produce easy-to-control, atmospheric flames without the use of electricity. 

Both manual and electronic ignition options are available, and an easy-access control panel makes it simple to control flames. Five different mounting options suit any size or style space, while a powder-coated stainless steel frame is incredibly durable, and tempered glass is easy to clean. Tempest Torches and Tempest Lanterns are compatible with any Hearth Product Controls Outdoor Rated Timers, allowing you to control your torch with an automatic shut-off timer.

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Tempest Torch & Lantern: Patented Design

The Tempest Torch and Tempest Lantern feature a patented design that produces a beautiful spiral flame within the torch or lantern’s tempered glass walls. This flame reaches a height of 17 inches and provides up to 20,000 BTUs without electricity or a fan. The four-sided, 18-inch tall open-air tempered glass housing is designed to prevent the flame from going out during high winds or rainfall but includes an automatic gas safety shutoff valve, should the flame ever go out. For a larger option, the new 50K Tempest Lantern is approximately 20% larger than the 20K Tempest Lantern.

The Tempest Torch and Tempest Lantern are also incredibly versatile in application, making them the ideal choice for a variety of outdoor applications. Choose Ground Post, Deck Post, Pillar Mount, or Wall Mount.

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Tempest Torch Electric Ignition

A low-voltage 24V electric ignition can be used with a standard light switch, a remote control, a programmable timer, or a Smart Home system. With a miniature gas valve and control module built into the base, the electric ignition model may be wired up to 445 feet from its transformer. Connect up to four torch heads per transformer (transformers sold separately).

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Tempest Torch Manual Ignition

Tempest Torches and Lanterns feature a built-in Piezo ignition, which works much like a gas grill spark ignition. To start the torch, turn the gas control knob and push the ignition button. This manual ignition model has an easy-access control panel that allows for convenient flame control. No electricity is needed, making for an affordable and easy installation.

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How To Install The Tempest Torch and Tempest Lantern

Before installing your electronic Tempest Torches, it's important to consider the number of torches that will be run to each transformer, how they will be wired (direct vs. daisy chain), and the distance you will need to run wire. All of these factors affect the wire gauge required for your installation.

When you’re ready to install, download our comprehensive installation guide (This is only relevant to torches with electronic ignition, not those with manual ignition.) We also always recommend referring to the owner’s information manual provided with this product. Consult a qualified installer, service agency, or gas supplier for assistance or additional information. Tip: Install up to six torches on a single transformer and five transformers on a single 120-volt 15-amp circuit. (This can give you up to 30 torches on a single circuit).

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Tempest Torch vs Tempest Lantern

The Tempest Torch and Tempest Lantern are virtually the same in terms of features, function, specs, and display options. The Tempest Lantern features a black, powder-coated steel frame and removable cap, achieving the classic style of a traditional gas lantern.

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