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Tempest Lantern

ID#: 8075   SKU: TEMP-949007X-Lantern
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Travis Industries


  • Choose NG or LP and either manual or electronic ignition start
  • Torch includes gas valve, burner, igniter, glass panels and frame
  • This product is not eligible for White Glove Delivery
  • Transformer is required to power the Electronic Ignition Head. Transformer can power up to 6 heads.


The Tempest Lantern by Travis Industries features a traditional looking glass lantern design with the same functions as the Tempest Torch. This lantern creates a distinctive source of outdoor lighting for patios, decks and landscapes and has a natural gas 20,000 - 14,000 BTU burner. It is constructed of tempered glass and the majority of steel components are made of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. The electronic ignition model is fueled by natural gas and liquid propane and is controlled by a wall switch control. This unit can also be used in conjunction with a programmable timer or controlled via a Smart Home system. The manual ignition model has an easy access control panel with a single on/off and flame height controller, as well as a safety shut off switch. This model comes with a rain cap which protects the flame in uncovered locations. The Tempest Lantern can be post mounted, pillar mounted or mounted on your outdoor wall or structural support to provide a handsome decorative element that also illuminates. The Pillar Mount works for columns or pedestals and the Wall Mount is used for entry ways and sides on building. The Deck Mount Post is for installation on decks (98" tall). The In Ground Post is used for installation in ground (buried). If you need additional mounts please refer to the Travis Industries Tempest Lantern Mounts.

Both the Deck Post and the In-ground post can be cut to alter the height of the installation. Note you will have to replace the pilot holes on the cut end to align with the lantern head or deck mount

Tempest Torch Transformer powers up to six electronic torches. Operating a manual ignition torch does not require a transformer.

The Tempest Lantern comes as a standard base unit (a.k.a Lantern Head) that includes gas valve, burner, igniter, glass panels, rain cap and frame.

Tempest Torches and Tempest Lanterns are compatible with any of the Hearth Product Controls Outdoor Rated Timers, which allow you to control your torch with an automatic shut-off timer.

For more information on installation and frequently asked questions, please visit our Travis Industries FAQs page.

Minimum Clearances To Combustibles

  • Floor: 2.5” combustible floor to bottom (base) of torch
  • Walls: 8” measured from glass surface
  • Ceiling: 26” measured from the torch top (glass frame) with or without the rain cap. (Refer to the Owner’s Manual for further details)

Electronic Ignition Transformer

  • Electronic Ignition Transformer powers up to 6 torches - this is required if choosing electronic ignition.
  • Electronic Ignition Transformer Voltage Setting: This transformer has three different voltage leads: 24v; 26v; and, 28v. Refer to the wire length charts (either direct-run or daisy-chain) to determine which voltage lead you should use.
  • Product Protection

    Inspect Torch prior to each use. Keep torch clean, remove any debris that collects in or on Torch. Inspect for spiders and insects, they may clog burner ports or air inlets and need be removed before using. Have the appliance inspected by a qualified service technician annually. The stainless steel burner top will discolor - this is normal.

    Your Tempest torch is designed to be cleaned and maintained easily. The most common maintenance that your torch will require is glass cleaning. This is done by loosening the glass retaining screws. Each piece of glass will have its own retainer. Hold the glass by the exposed edge and slide horizontally out of its tracks, the glass should slide easily if its retainer screw is loose.

    Clean with glass cleaner or warm soapy water. The glass on your Tempest is tempered and designed for safety. If it breaks it will shatter into small square pieces similar to a car windshield. It is special glass and if you break one or need to replace a piece use only 3/16" thick tempered glass supplied by your Tempest Torch dealer.

    To inspect for or clean debris out of the inside of your torch remove one piece of glass. This will provide access to the inside of your torch. Once your glass piece is out remove the pyramid shaped piece with the rings on the top by lifting it straight up, once you are clear of the burner elements turn it sideways and remove through the glass opening. This will provide you a clear view of all the torch components, visually check for and remove all foreign objects, vegetation, bugs , debris. When reassembling make sure you orient the Pyramid plate correctly, the burner elements that stick up through this plate are delicate. Once oriented, slide the plate straight down onto the burner assembly making sure the edges are seated all the way down.

    Winterizing the Torch
    These procedures only apply to areas where the torch will not be used during winter or for a long period of time. Shut off gas supply to the torch. Place the included rain cap over on top of the torch. If additional protection is desired, a cover may be placed over the torch, making sure it does not damage the glass.

    At A Glance

    • warranty
    • gas powered
    • full exposure
    • Made in USA
    • professional installation required


    8.75 in
    8.75 in
    22.00 in
    25.00 lbs


    Lighting Base Material
    Stainless Steel 
    Lighting Shade Material
    Lighting Type
    Lamps And Lanterns, Wall Lighting 
    Power Source
    Gas Powered 
    14k - 20k for NG; 17k - 20k for LP 
    24v; 26v; and, 28v 
    Country of Origin
    Full Exposure (Full Sun) 
    Assembly Required
    Level of Assembly
    Professional Installation Required 

    Why Choose Travis Industries?

    An AuthenTEAK best-seller, Travis Industries’ award-winning Tempest Torches and Tempest Lanterns produce stunning, atmospheric flames and feature a durable, stainless steel frame with a powder-coated finish. Four different mounting options—pillar mount, in-ground post, wall mount, and deck mount—allow for various applications. The Tempest Torch and Tempest Lantern are fueled by convenient natural gas or liquid propane and feature an easy-access control panel and an automatic gas shut-off if the flame goes out. 

    Choose from a low-voltage 24V electric ignition—which can be used with a standard light switch, a remote control, a programmable timer, or connected to a Smart Home system—or a manual ignition, which works much like a gas grill spark ignition.  

    AuthenTEAK is proud to offer the complete catalog of Travis Industries products, including the Tempest Torch, Tempest Lantern, the new (40% larger) 50k Tempest Lantern, as well as lighting accessories, posts and mounts, and replacement parts. AuthenTEAK offers Travis Industries products with free shipping, plus a large Quick Ship inventory (products on their way to you within one business day). We also offer Travis Industries products on display in our award-winning, 15,000-square-foot Atlanta showroom, so you can experience them in person and ask our team questions before making a purchase. 


    To register your TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC. 1 Year Limited Warranty, complete the enclosed Warranty card and mail it within ten (10) days of the appliance purchase date to: TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC., 4800 Harbour Pointe Blvd. SW, Mukilteo, WA 98275. TRAVIS INDUSTRIES, INC. warrants this gas appliance (appliance is defined as the equipment manufactured by Travis Industries, Inc.) to be defect-free in material and workmanship to the original purchaser from the date of purchase as follows:

    Year 1 Parts & Labor Coverage

    Burner Assembly: Burner, Venturi, Flame Spreader, Orifice, Gas Control Assembly: Gas valve, cover plate and hardware, thermocouple, pilot hood, pilot gas line, piezo igniter, tip switch and wiring, LP regulator (if applicable)

    Glass: Glass (breakage from thermal shock only)

    Accessories: Portable base (including post and tank cover), wall mount bracket, in-ground post, and pier post

    One-Way Freight Allowance: One-way freight allowance on pre-authorized repair done at factory is covered.

    Exclusions: Paint and Finish

    This new gas appliance must be installed by a qualified gas appliance technician. It must be installed, operated, and maintained at all times in accordance with the instructions in the Owner's Manual. Any alteration, willful abuse, accident, neglect, alteration, misapplication or misuse of the product shall nullify this warranty.

    This 1 Year warranty excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as discoloration. Also excluded is damage to the unit caused by abuse, improper installation, modification of the unit, drilling of the orifices, or the use of fuel other than that for which the unit is configured. Units are shipped for either natural gas or propane. Confirm fuel configuration with your installer.

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