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Outdoor Furniture Cleaners & Outdoor Appliance Protectors

Take proactive measures to help protect your outdoor furniture and outdoor appliances from weather damage. Weather damage isn't always apparent. Although it may be unseen at times, prolonged exposure can result in the rotting, corroding or discoloration of your most prized pieces. Left untreated, this damage can render some items unusable.

Take teak furniture, for example. Even in its untreated form, teak is largely maintenance-free when used outdoors. But preserving its natural honey color requires the appropriate sealer. To meet all of your needs, we offer a variety of outdoor furniture cleaners and protectors that allow you to change or maintain the look of any surface, no matter if you're working with teak, stone, stainless steel, outdoor fabric or a number of other materials. Protect your belongings today to ensure their continued use tomorrow.