Don’t forget lighting! A key element to ensuring the enjoyment of your outdoor space is establishing a lighting plan for after the sun goes down. Here at AuthenTEAK we carry a variety of landscape lights and garden lights which are divided into decorative and functional categories. Use decorative lighting to add an attractive accent to your patio or home’s façade. String lights, LED lanterns by Gloster and Picnic Lights, pendants by Gacoli Lighting and Jatex, and umbrella lights by Treasure Garden can all be found in this category. They are the perfect accents to create an outdoor space where your guests will want to linger after dark Up the entertainment factor by selecting umbrella lights with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and keep the party going into the nighttime hours. Our functional lighting collections includes lights to make your outdoor space more comfortable and secure after dark. Pathway lighting by Gacoli uses LED lights and an innovative dusk sensor to keep your walkways lighted. Wall lamps, pendants and outdoor reading lamps by Gacoli allow you to carry on outdoors after the sun has set. Explore these collections today and enjoy free shipping with your order.