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Travis Industries is the manufacturer of the award-winning Tempest Torch. The privately-owned company produces the designer torches in their 11-acre manufacturing facility located in Mukilteo, Washington. With the help of 600 employees, the company creates stunning torch designs that that perform well in a variety of environments.

The Tempest Torch is a patent pending design that creates a natural Venturi effect. The flame of the torch dances gracefully and spins within the tempered glass walls of the torch for an amazing effect. Tempest Torches are available in natural gas or liquid propane forms.

Two forms of torches are available. Choose from regular or electric ignition to suit your needs. The torches are available with 5 mounting options ranging from no included mount to ground post mounts and more. The versatile mounting options make it easy to install your Travis Industries Tempest Torch wherever you please. In addition to our outdoor torches, shop our wide variety of fire features including fire pits and fire tables.