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With our collection of in-stock patio heaters, you can have stylish heating solutions delivered to your door in weeks. Our patio heaters in stock allow you to access the staples you need to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere for your patio. Constructed from high-quality materials and made to perform in outdoor environments, our patio heaters enhance the quality of outdoor living while extending your season way beyond the summer months. Browse our in-stock patio heaters for some of the most trusted brands in outdoor heating, providing quick, reliable access to top-notch outdoor warmth. 

Our in-stock patio heaters allow you to bring toasty warmth to your patio without the wait. All of our patio heaters in-stock ship within six weeks, offering quick access to effective heating solutions for your patio. Browse  patio heaters in stock to discover a variety of models, heat outputs and fuel types, from reliable brands like Athena,  Sunglo and more. Shop our in-stock patio heaters today to enjoy your favorite outdoor living spaces year-round.